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Turn ideas into something great for your audience

From planning to design and web development focussed on responsive content-managed websites. Let’s create unforgettable user experiences across all devices.


I build solid brands and define how your company should be perceived. Identity sets a message to your target audience.


I want your audience get quickly what they want without frustrating experiences. A primary focus on usability and interaction.


Using latest standards of HTML5 / CSS3 convert your design into a website function correctly.

Tayasui Sketches

We have the opportunity to work with Tayasui on the design of some internal designs for the app, like the color dropper and other visual elements, before the new design for the iOS 7 in that gorgeous flat style.


We love work on this project with Agavelab on Guadalajara México, was a great experience and we love that team, this is the result of our work and we hope you love it too

Mideast Tunes

Mideast Tunes is a music platform that showcases music from the Middle East. The whole experience was designed to keep you within one page. You can listen, learn about artists, skip tracks, save tracks, get suggestions, signup, login… and cook dinner on the same page.

Icon Design

Every iOS icon is designed to take advantage of the retina display, all the icons are crafted for his own resolution, we never scale the images because we can make a serious damage to the icon on the retina display with this they look sharp in every iDevice, the beauty is in the details.

Creative Stocks

This is one of our personal projects, in this site we share many files from our own studio or inclusive from our friends, is an ad-free site all with the finality of share free resources of great quality to all the creatives, and also to promote work of everybody.

We had a Hired a User Group of 20 people to vote for the Best Design for our contest. When the User Group was shown Ozonostudio's Design for the Futuristic Door in our Bo ard Room, the User Group was silenced. In the room, you could NOT hear a single sound or a pin drop for several seconds then suddenly in a unified thunder, the whole room was filled with excitement. The only thing I could see was big smiles and hear the words filling the air, "WOW", "Beautiful", "That's It". Thank you Uriel Albarrán Oropeza. suddenly became absolutely quiet for several seconds thenRong Urquico
Rong Urquicoredphoenixcorp
He was great to work with. Very good execution of our ideas. Very professional. We love our new icon!James Boutcher
James BoutcherQuickCal

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